Shelley Whitman Associates (SWA) commercial media department is here to help your business twice. First, we’re here to help your business tell its unique story well. Next, we’re here to engage the audience which needs to hear it.



SWA knows creating memorable, high-quality, brand-defining commercial ads is indispensable to your future success. But we also know great ads are worthless if you don’t know where to place them to reach your target audience. Today’s commercial ad media can reside on a plethora of platforms, each of which has unique strengths with segments of your potential customer base.  SWA helps you navigate the complexities of ad placement in today’s varied media landscape. How? By paying attention to exactly who you are.  Understanding your specific business needs as well as the broader media marketplace means we  can chose the platforms best suited to maximize your audience impact.




Some businesses were, historically, wary of broadcast media. SWA thinks today, you don’t need to be. Thanks to digital technology, traditional advertising through television and radio is now more accessible and cost-effective. A plethora of channels now help you target your audience by communities of interest, while digital zip-code ad placement help you target specific geographical communities.  All this means broadcast media is now as much micro-media as mass media. That affords local businesses attractive opportunities.



If investing in television and radio is suddenly a smart move, what can make it even smarter? Integrating your media content across all platforms, thus utilizing both social and broadcast media most effectively. Shelley Whitman Associates understands the importance of examining our clients’ entire digital footprint, and expanding their advertising reach across both traditional and social media platforms.



Working with us, you’ll benefit from cohesive and integrated advertising strategies, where our commercials serve as foundations for impactful broadcast and social media campaigns, ensuring consistency and high-quality content across different platforms. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you can effectively reach your desired audience, increase brand visibility, and generate more sales. Whatever platforms you want to advertise on, we’ll give you sound advice, and great commercial media.  Partner with us now. Let’s grow your business together.


Want some ideas about how we might start working together? Why not look at SWA’s Standard Commercial Media Starter Package.

Alternately, take a more holistic approach to your digital footprint with our great value Standard Combined Media Package


You can also have a look at examples of SWA’s work from our Selected  Media Portfolio.

partnering together: our process

What does it look like for your business to partner with Shelley Whitman Associates? Let us walk you through the process with our Standard Starter Commercial Media Package, or one of our Standard Social Media Starter Packages.

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Educational media drives learning

Shelley Whitman Associates helps institutions creates high-quality arts and humanities online teaching environments. Our collaborative approach allows us to work closely with faculty to create pedagogically sound, curiculum aligned, engaging and interactive media that facilitates deeper understanding and critical thinking. By integrating our expertise in media production with the faculty’s subject matter expertise, we can create a synergy that amplifies the impact of their teaching, leading to higher student engagement, retention, and success.

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social media builds relationships

Effective social media campaigns provide businesses with a platform to engage and connect with their target audience in a meaningful way. By sharing compelling content, interacting with followers, and responding to their queries and feedback, businesses can humanize their brand, build brand loyalty and establish deeper relationships with customers. Most social media is , however, ineffective. What makes the difference? Partner with SWA, and let us show you. 

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