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Why Academic Media?


In the rapidly changing academic landscape, the integration of high-quality educational media into the increasing number of online and hybrid classrooms has become a priority across educational institutions. Shelley Whitman Associates has taken the lead by partnering with educators and institutions to create engaging, curriculum-aligned, faculty-driven educational programming and digital classroom content.


Collaborative Approach with Educators


At Shelley Whitman Associates, collaboration with educators lies at the heart of our process. By engaging with educators at every step of the media creation process, we ensure that our content aligns seamlessly with their aims and objectives. This collaborative approach allows us to create educational media that enhances rather than replaces their teaching.



Researching Curricula and Understanding Objectives


SWA delves into the specifics of curricula and lesson plans, to gain a comprehensive understanding of your objectives and methods. We conduct thorough research, ask pertinent questions, and develop content that addresses specific learning outcomes while supporting your faculty’s methodology and instructional goals. In our media creation, we go beyond merely training faculty members to create media and “teach to camera.”  We aim to help you empower your faculty to employ their resources effectively in enhancing student learning experiences, supporting classroom instruction, deepening understanding, sparking discussions, and fostering critical thinking skills.


SWA understands lectures aren’t the only–and often shouldn’t be the primary–teaching mode. Student discussion and experiential learning can be the subject of great educational and academic media. With this in mind, we help faculty think beyond the lecture, and begin capturing examples of student-centric collaboritve learning experiences. These can provide models of active student engagement for both digital and in-classroom learning which result in better learning outcomes over time. More, we’ll show you how to create a best-practice balance between different kinds of educational media which produce optimum results for your students.  Finally, we are driven to help you find and organize the most appropriate and effective visial materials that add and reinforce learning rather than distract from it.  



Tailored Formats for Diverse Classroom Levels


Recognizing the diverse needs of different classroom levels, Shelley Whitman Associates offers educational media in a variety of formats. Whether it’s graduate students at an R-1 research university or students seeking to enhance their foundational understanding of literature at the community college level, our content can be designed to suit various educational contexts, curricular models, and pedagogical philosophies. By providing tailored formats, we ensure that educators have access to materials that serve their methodology and resonate with their students’ learning abilities and requirements.




Strengthened Engagement and Retention

By harnessing the power of educational and academic media and leveraging the data generated through engagement with learning modules, SWA  helps educational institutions bolster student engagement and retention. We possess valuable insights into how different students tend to utilize media on an aggregate level, helping us create and deploy the most effective media across your learning platform. Moreover, we guide you in utilizing the data generated by our media to gain an understanding of individual student engagement. By doing so, we can effectively address each student’s unique position within the learning process, rather than solely focusing on where we might prefer them to be.


While it is certainly beneficial to acknowledge how engaging and interactive content enhances student interest and encourages active participation, our approach delves deeper by actively tracking and sharing this information. This enables faculty members to create media within learning modules that are more likely to succeed from the outset. Furthermore, faculty can monitor and assess student learning in real-time.  Our consultancy will guide you in developing effective practices and strategies that will enable your institution to harness the true potential of educational media, reaching into and informing every faculty-student relationship.


Maximizing Impact Through Evidence-Based Strategies

SWA’s evidence-based strategies are rooted in research and best practices, ensuring that the content we create with you remains grounded in sound pedagogical principles and concrete learning outcomes. Together we’ll create media and learning modules which builds active learning skills, fosters critical thinking, and facilitates knowledge retention. Together, we’ll leverage the latest advancements in educational technology and instructional design to create media experiences that truly resonate with your students.



Measurable Outcomes and Continuous Improvement

SWA believes in the importance of measurable outcomes and continuous improvement. Together with your institutional departments and faculty, we’ll set clear objectives for your educational media initiatives and establish assessment frameworks to evaluate their effectiveness. By collecting and analyzing data on student engagement, learning outcomes, and media usage patterns, we help you gain valuable insights into the impact of your media content. These insights help us to refine our approach, and continually improve the quality and efficacy of your educational media offerings.





Why work with us?

SWA empowers educators through the innovative use of curriculum-aligned academic media by creating collaborative partnerships with faculty members. We ensure that our media serves as a valuable tool to complement their aims and objectives. By conducting thorough research, tailoring content formats, and actively engaging educators, we enhance the learning experiences of students at various levels. Our dedication to supporting educators in their mission to deliver high-quality instruction reflects our commitment to excellence in education. Together, we can foster a dynamic learning environment that inspires students and prepares them for success in an ever-evolving world.


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